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Supergirl Season 1 torrent

Supergirl Season 1 torrent is one of the series that you can download torrent or magnet on our website. This 2015 Action tv show is 20 episodes length with 6.6 IMDb rate and created by Ali Adler. Look down for more data about Supergirl Season 1.

Supergirl Season 1 torrent

Supergirl Season 1 Torrent (2015) Series Download

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When I was a young child, my planet Krypton was perishing. I had been sent to Earth to secure my cousin. However, my bunny got knocked off course and from the time I got here, my cousin had grown up and become... Superman. And so I hid my powers until recently when an incident forced me to reveal myself into the entire world. To most people, I am an assistant in CatCo Worldwide Media. I'm Supergirl.

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Supergirl Season 1 torrent Supergirl Season 1 full torrent Supergirl Season 1 download

IMDb: 6.6/10 (68624) | Genre : Action | Resolution : 720p | Language : English | Quality : HDTV | Release year : 2015 |
Episode Size : 3.95 GB | Series director : Ali Adler | Each Episode Lenght : 43min

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Supergirl Season 1 review

It is difficult to imagine the CW originally turned Supergirl, and not merely because it is peopled by what one character describes as "the appealing nonetheless non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW series". Looks aside, this current entrance in TV's DC Universe seems tailor-made for a community which specializes in literary outlets for young Weltschmerz. Like numerous CW heroes and heroines, past and current, Supergirl's millennials routinely battle with growing pains, job insecurity and romantic melodrama, while simultaneously answering duty's call to conserve the planet. The CW eventually rectified its mistake by quickly snapping up Supergirl after a successful first season on CBS, which decided the show was too pricey. Supergirl is scheduled to return on Monday, October 16, 2016, thereby joining The CW's existing cluster of live-action DC collection.

Made by Ali Adler and the Group of Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, Supergirl has multiple constituencies to satisfy. It must offer something new to diehard fans that are intimately knowledgeable about the comic book canon from which the show derives, in addition to newer fans who know the so-called "DCU" primarily from more recent TV incarnations. At exactly the exact same time, it must stay accessible to newcomers who know little or nothing of the DCU, especially among the young female demographic that is the show's target audience. And it has to continue to keep viewers' attention with the required twists, reveals, cliffhangers and big events that have become essential elements of successful episodic TV. Throughout Supergirl's inaugural season, an individual can sense the creative team fighting to get the right blend of elements to serve these diverse requirements, and they succeed more than they fail.

Kara Zor-El was launched into space from a dying Krypton at precisely the exact same time as her infant cousin, Kal-El, whom Kara was supposed to protect when both reached Earth. Her task is complicated by the discovery that, for the previous two decades, Alex has been secretly working for the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, a covert government agency that monitors aliens like Kara, her cousin and a range of others.

Supergirl shifts fluidly among Kara's overlapping roles: her efforts to establish herself as the protector of National City, her work with the DOE and her day job at Catco Worldwide Media as a lowly assistant to imperious media mogul Cat Grant, whose resemblance to Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada is certainly no collision. It is a tribute to Melissa Benoist's performance which she's believable as both a young woman and a superhero, rapidly calibrating Kara's reactions and demeanor to whatever the situation requires with an apparent ease that recalls the late Christopher Reeve's facility in juggling Superman and his secret identity as Clark Kent.

The season's key super-villain is a fellow Kryptonian, Kara's Aunt Astra, who was sentenced to the Phantom Zone after a failed coup on Krypton and now has a similar plan for Earth. Away from the DOE, Kara relies on her support group of Alex, with whom she shares an apartment, and two fellow employees at Catco to whom she reveals her dual identity. Winn Schott is Catco's IT expert, whom Kara considers her very best friend, although he'd love to be more. Kara's cousin, the Man of Steel himself, offers encouragement from afar, but in Season 1 his participation is restricted to text messages and a couple of glimpses of a distant or blurred figure.

Supergirl gets a whole lot of things right, providing Kara with a range of challenges, both personal and professional, including her sadness over the loss of her home world, which she, unlike her cousin, actually remembers. The alternation of villains-of-the-week with recurring adversaries provides the series assortment, and also the offices in Catco are a trustworthy source of comic relief, typically from Cat Grant herself. The superhero stunts and effects are usually high-quality, especially given the limits of a TV budget.
As a character, James Olsen has little to do besides tell Kara about her illustrious cousin, show her the Fortress of Solitude and supply an unavailable heartthrob for whom Kara can pine. 

The situation gets even more of a CW soap opera when Olsen reconnects with his former girlfriend, Lucy Lane, Lois' younger sister, while secretly casting his eye in Kara's direction. And don't get me started on Lucy herself, who's supposed to be a rough career woman but follows Olsen to National City like a puppy dog and switches so rapidly back and forth between the military and civilian life that the character loses all credibility. An extra love interest appears mid-season in the person of Cat Grant's estranged son Adam, but the subplot is awkwardly shoehorned into the series and seems designed primarily to "humanize" Cat.

Season 1's gravest error lies in overplaying its running theme of "family". In theory it is a fantastic concept, because Kara has multiple families, and her loyalties are often conflicted among the pure family she recalls from Krypton, her adoptive family on Earth and the surrogate "family" of friends and allies gathered around her. But the writers repeatedly hammer on the notion rather than letting it develop naturally, inserting frequent and unnecessary confrontations and declarations about "blood bonds" and family loyalty. In the season finale, Kara and Alex face a timer ticking down to the extinction of humanity, and with just minutes to stop disaster, they still have to pause for a heart-to-heart talk about sisterly devotion. It is a moment where even the least jaded viewer could be tempted to yell at the screen, "You don't have time for this!"

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Supergirl Season 1 torrent Supergirl Season 1 full torrent Supergirl Season 1 download

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